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About Button Learning

Rooted in neuroscience. Enhanced by AI. Made to look beautiful. A joy to use. Learning that lasts a lifetime. In the future, all learning experiences will be like this. Some are already.

Button Learning is an educational technology company based in west London. Our mission is to give everyone better ways to learn. We use a powerful blend of neuroscientific research, outstanding graphics and user-centred design to deliver highly effective learning experiences.

Our first product, Button Spelling, teaches spelling to primary school children. Currently available as both a card game and a set of posters, Button Spelling helps children focus on and remember the difficult parts of commonly misspelled words and muddled homophones. The resources have been extensively tested by teachers and children in the classroom. Our highly innovative approach makes learning to spell much more engaging, successful and fun! 

Read our full story here, discover the secrets behind our visual mnemonics, and get some tips on how to play. If you have any questions or you're interested in working or partnering with us, please email hello @ - we'd love to hear from you.